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Tips for selecting quality equine liability release contracts

A horse-related business is a huge investment and involves a lot of risk. You should have enough money to construct facilities for the horses as well as the capacity to take care of your animals. Aside from these, horses can also pose dangers to their trainers as well as other people. Business owners should have their own equine liability release agreements so that they will have protection in case accidents or bad things happen.

A liability is a legal obligation. You are liable to another person or parties if you are negligent in your duties or if you failed to take appropriate actions on circumstances that may have been avoided if prompt actions were made. If you are found liable by the court, you may have to pay for damages or injuries to the offended parties, including medical expenses and lawyers' fee. You can avoid liability by establishing agreements that are well researched and well drafted.

There are many equine liability release agreements. One example is the Equine Activity Release and Hold Harmless agreement. In this contract, the person knows and understands the potential dangers that he or she may incur in riding, mounting, walking, boarding or feeding a horse. By signing the agreement, the person releases the company and its employees from any liability in case an accident will happen. The agreement should be voluntarily signed and agreed to. The contract will also limit the liability of equine professionals to any horse-related activity. The limit will apply to cases of personal injury, damage to property, and even death. If a minor is the one who will ride the horse, the lawful guardian will be the one to sign the agreement and will be responsible for all actions.

Some equine liability releases also include terms wherein the person will pay all legal costs, including attorney's fees, in case he or she will file against the horse-related business. Also, many contracts will specify that the company has advised the person to wear protective helmets while participating in any equine activities, and that the company has provided appropriate safety information.

Meanwhile, an Equine Activity Liability Release, Waiver of Right to Sue and Assumption of All Risk is an agreement between the equine activity sponsors and equine activity professionals. The contract specifies that the participant has complete understanding of all risks associated with equine activity. The participant releases the sponsor for death, property damage, or personal injury. He or she waives the right to sue the sponsor and assumes all risks inherent to the equine activities.
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